This is the developer-focused documentation portal for the Fuse platform. More high-level documentation for Fuse is available here.
Fuse is a decentralized blockchain-powered platform and technology stack whose goal is to enable genuine mass adoption of crypto payments and decentralized finance (DeFi).
Its main components are the Fuse Network blockchain, the mobile-centric infrastructure for seamless creation of token communities and a set of reference decentralized finance (DeFi) tools.

Fuse Network

The EVM-compatible Fuse Network blockchain is the foundation of the Fuse platform. The information on this portal will help you:

Fuse API

Fuse provide a bundle of API's to access and perform community-centric payments on the Fuse Network. Most of the API do require an economy set up on Fuse Studio.

Fuse Services

Fuse offers application developers several backend services that expose APIs that can be used by anyone seeking to build on Fuse. Although some functionalities do require a dedicated API key or access token.

Fuse Studio

Fuse Studio is the platform for creating, building and managing economies. The Fuse Studio playground interface enables the creation and management of token communities without coding but for more sophisticated use cases Fuse API is available.

Trading Service

Voltage Finance is the first Fuse-native decentralized exchange (DEX). The Fuse team makes available an auxiliary service to query prices and stats on it.

The Graph

Fuse's integration with The Graph enables the indexing of smart contract transactions on Fuse Network through the creation of subgraphs. The Fuse team maintains a set of Fuse subgraphs that can also be used by external developers.

Earn SDK

Earn SDK is a client-server SDK for building applications that can interact with various earning functionalities on Fuse.

Important Smart Contracts

Certain smart contracts on Fuse Network and other EVM-compatible chains may be useful for application developers building on top of Fuse. These include:

Fuse Wallet

The Fuse team has developed an open-cource, easily forkable and customizable mobile crypto wallet that developers can use to create wallets to serve as frontends for the token communities created via the Studio.
Learn how to run the wallet and customize it by forking.
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