Developer Resources & Tools

General Information

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Blockchain explorer

Fuse Explorer is the official blockchain explorer for Fuse Network. With this full-featured, open-source explorer you can view transactions, accounts & balances, access data via the API, and read and verify smart contracts.
Fuse Explorer

JSON RPC Endpoints

Fuse JASON RPC Endpoint
Pocket Network Fuse Endpoint
WebSockets Endpoint

Additional resources to connect to Fuse Network

JSON RPC endpoint over HTTP (non-secure)


Currently, the only available testnet is Spark.

DApp Management & Development Tools

The Graph supports Fuse data indexing, quierying and display.
Remix IDE: It's easy to deploy on Fuse with Remix, simply choose injected web3 and add the Fuse custom RPC to your Metamask.
JustSmartContracts: another smart contract deployment tool for EVM chains.
OpenZeppelin Defender: Manage smart contract administration including access controls, upgrades and pausing.

Dashboards and Monitoring

Token Faucets

FUSE faucet

Additional Resources

Archive full node endpoint
Chain spec files and known bootnodes of Fuse Network